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Patagonia Lake Triathlon

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We have both a true Olympic distance event with a smooth swim, challenging bike, and scenic run and a shorter Sprint event. This venue is just as beautiful as God intended Arizona to be. We start at Southern Arizona's Patagonia Lake State Park on the swim course, 500 or 1500 meter. Then, you transition to a rigorous climb on the bike, 8 or 24.6 mile, all paved and road bike worthy. You will use all your gears on this one. The 5 or 10 kilometer run is on the Sonoita Creek trailhead, consisting mostly on dirt road. The run also has some tough climbs. Please check out course maps and pre-ride or run the courses if you can. This course has been called the toughest Olympic in Arizona.

It is a truly challenging course, low traffic, and very scenic. Relay Team options are available for each distance. 

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Toughest Tri in Arizona 10/28/2017
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Saturday, October 28, 2017
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