Toughest Tri in Arizona 10/28/2017

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Patagonia Lake Triathlon


Individual Olympic 
Jan 11 - Jun 3090
Jul 1 - Aug 31110
Sep 1 - Oct 21130
Oct 22 - Oct 28150

Relay Olympic 
Jan 11 - Jun 30
Jul 1 - Aug 31
Sep 1 - Oct 21
Oct 22 - Oct 28

Individual Sprint
Jan 11 - Jun 30
Jul 1 - Aug 31
Sep 1 - Oct 21
Oct 22 - Oct 28

Relay Sprint
Jan 11 - Jun 30
Jul 1 - Aug 31
Sep 1 - Oct 21
Oct 22 - Oct 28

Please plan to pick up your packet before race day if possible. Bring your ID and USAT membership card.
Thursday, October 26 4-6 pm at at 4495 S Coach Drive, Tucson 85714 
Friday, October 27 10 am to noon at Tucson Endurance Performance Center, 6448 N Oracle Road
Saturday, October 28 from 6:00 am till race start at Patagonia Lake beach area 

IF you cannot pick up your packet early, please pick it up FIRST THING upon arriving. You will not be allowed into the transition area without your bib or bike number. Packets will be at the beach ramada at 6:00 am.  You MUST BE in transition before 6:55a for Olympic or 7:40a Sprint!  If you are in transition after, you will mess up your timing chip.


6:00 am- Late packet pick up at Beach Ramada
6:00 am- Transition area opens: Bib number or bike number required to enter- Athletes only.
6:00 am- Chip pick up at Transition Area
6:00-7:40 Body marking is required
Bib number on left and right upper arms and left calf.
Event (O=Olympic, OR=Relay, S=Sprint, A=Aquabike)
6:50 am- Final instruction at Boat Launch Ramp for OLYMPIC
6:55 am- Olympic Transition entry is CLOSED.
Be on time to rack your bike or be very penitent if you are late.
7:00 am- Olympic distance and Aquabike start at Boat Launch Ramp
Waves at 7:00 for men, 7:05 for women
7:10 am- 5K/10K start at Beach area.
7:35 am- Final instruction at Boat Launch Ramp for SPRINT
7:40 am- Sprint Transition entry is CLOSED.
Be on time to rack your bike or be very penitent if you are late.
7:45 am- Sprint distance start at Boat Launch Ramp
Waves at 7:45 for men, 7:50 for women
9:00 am- Swim Course closes
9:00 am- Post race meal begins at the food truck until 2:00 pm. Meal tickets will be in your race packets. DO NOT lose it!
10:00 am- YOUTH Splash and Dash begins at Beach.
Waves at 10:00 for 50m/.5mi, 10:10 for 200m/2K
10:30 am- SPRINT and Youth awards may be announced at this time at RD discretion.
You will need to be flexible.
1:00 pm- Bike Course closes
2:00 pm- Run Course closes
2:00 pm- Awards ceremony at Beach Ramada for ALL CATEGORIES not previously announced.
Pick up your Medal from Carolyn if you have won and need to leave early. 

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