Redtail Hawk

50m /.5 mile: Ages 5- 10 recommended.
This course is designed to be more fast and fun, for young kids or beginners. It is fairly easy and flat. 

200m/2K: Ages 8-17 recommended.  
This course is more challenging and appropriate for youth experienced in Triathlon or Splash and Dash. The run has some steep rises and goes over the foot bridge, which can be slippery. Use the hand rails if you need to.

​Above is the swim course map. Click image to enlarge.

SWIM: The race starts on the boat ramp with a deep water (floating) start. Pass the buoy on your right and proceed east up the channel. Pass the beach area, keeping buoys on your right, sighting off the center mountain. Olympic athletes continue until far buoys, turn at the buoys in the east lake area and return to the beach, keeping buoys on the right. Look for the tall flags on the beach.

Transition map

T1: Pass the flags and run up the beach toward the transition area's west corner. Look for the flag at that corner. Please place your wetsuit and other belongings in your chosen space. Loose articles will be removed and athletes may be penalized for discarding any belongings outside of your designated space. Buckle your helmet. DO NOT mount your bicycle inside the transition area. Exit the east side, to the mount/dismount line.

​Above is the bike course map. Click image to enlarge or here is an interactive map.

BIKE: Leave the beach road and turn sharp right, (This is the trickiest part where the most athletes get lost) passing the campground on your right and the Market on your left. Proceed west down the Marina Road. USE CAUTION! It is hazardously steep down to the Marina Road. Pass the Marina and take the west exit road. Turn Right at the stop sign. 
Patagonia Lake Road is open to traffic. Please stay to the right shoulder as much as possible. Follow traffic laws. USAT regulations prohibit drafting and two or more abreast riding, except while passing. Please refer to USAT rule book and review passing and drafting rules.

At mile 5, you will turn left onto the AZ-82 toward the Town of Patagonia. Officers are at the intersection monitoring traffic and instructing the pilot car. Please look for the volunteer in blaze orange and follow his or her instructions and directions. There is also a self serve water bottle pick up on the road side table. If you need to take a water bottle, pull your bicycle to the right.
Mile Markers 14, 15, and 16 on the 82 are notorious for bike accidents and even fatalities. This segment is a bird refuge and has close guard rails, small shoulders, and rumble strips. Please be extremely careful. Pass only with the greatest caution. We want you to be safe!
Proceed northeast to the Town of Patagonia. Be aware that the road is still open to traffic. Maintain your position as close to the right hand road shoulder as possible. 
At Patagonia High School, an officer will be directing traffic. Please look for the volunteer in blaze orange and follow his directions. The first turning island has a water table and stop. There are also restrooms available for your use, if needed. Please pull your bicycle to the right if you need to take advantage of the water stop or restrooms. Water, electrolyte drink, and gels are available at the water stop.
Return to Patagonia Lake State park using the AZ-82 and turning onto Patagonia Lake Road. Maintain your proper position on the right hand side of the road. The pilot car will be changing lanes depending on the position of the athletes. Athletes stay right. 
At the State Park, stay right and pass the Guard House/Contact Station, which will be on your left. 
The descent is VERY steep. Please use caution and take this stretch slowly! The turn to the beach road is a soft right followed by a soft left and comes very quickly after the guard house. Follow the beach road to the mount/dismount. 

Transition map
T2: ​​Dismount your bike and walk or jog to your previously chosen rack. Rack your bike properly and prepare for the run. Please be courteous about the placement of your equipment and make sure your helmet and shoes are within your chosen area. Loose equipment will be removed and you may be penalized if you place anything out of your area. Exit the transition area on the west end, Run Out next to the flag.

​Above is the run course map. Click image to enlarge or here is an interactive map.

RUN: Begin going west through the wooded area and through the campground. You will pass the Visitors Center on your right, then turn right onto the bridge which goes over the Marina. The bridge is steep, but the view is amazing. Go up and over the bridge, then follow the arrows left to the exit road.
Follow the exit road, watching for bicycles on your left. Runners stay right to exit the park. 
At the STOP sign, turn right on Patagonia Lake Road. In less than a quarter mile from the exit road, you will see the large stone sign for Sonoita Creek. Turn right onto the smooth packed dirt road. Use caution over the cattle guard. 
The water table, LAP mark is placed near mile 1. Water, HEED, and gels are available at the water stop. Continue on the dirt road to the turning point. There is water available at the turning point as well. 
At Mile 3, stop at the LAP mark to wristband. This band will be checked at the finish line. You MUST have this band to qualify for medals or prizes. After picking up band, take another lap toward the turning point. 
At Mile 5, you may be asked to show your wristband to the volunteer. Then proceed back to the lake, returning on the exit road. Watch for bicycles and other runners. 
At the exit road, continue north toward the bridge. Cross the bridge carefully. Use railings to avoid slipping.  Follow the short dirt trail toward the camping area. Turn right and then left to go around the camping area. Proceed past the Market on your right, campground on your left. Turn left at the beach road. 
The beach road will be marked with runners on the left, bicycles on the right. Please run in the left side until the parking area. Take a sharp left toward the arch to finish. Collect your finisher's medal and let your family and friends shower you with praise. You have done something awesome today.

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